10/30 - 11/1



SeoulHacks is the only high-school hackathon in Korea that accommodates for both complete beginners and experienced programmers. At its core, our competition is about proving that coding is a tool that everyone can work with and sharing the excitement of creative freedom.



We believe that both beginners and experienced programmers should be able to participate in healthy, constructive competition. Submissions will be graded based on innovation, fit, technical difficulty, implementation, aesthetics, and user experience. Please refer to the rulebook for further explanations of the grading categories.

Grand Prize

The Grand Prize is given to the team with the highest total score and is a testament to the innovation and polish of the final product and the amount of hard work the members of the team put in over the three days.

Best Idea

The Best Idea award is given to the team with the highest score for innovation and fit.

Best Code

The Best Code award is given to the team with the highest score for technical difficulty and implementation.

Best Design

The Best Design award is given to the team with the highest score for aesthetics and user experience.

Best Beginner

The Best Beginner award is given to a beginner team with the highest total score excluding technical difficulty.


While SeoulHacks is about competition, it is so much more about learning and having fun. SeoulHacks ensures that both complete beginners and experienced programmers will be able to actively participate and learn.


Experienced mentors will be available for participants throughout the duration of the competition. If you’re feeling lost or confused at any point in the competition, need quick help, or don’t even know where to begin, feel free to reach out to a mentor!.


Optional workshops will be given on both simple and advanced topics. Feel free to drop in and learn something new, whether or not it applies to your project.


For complete beginners, we provide routes and comprehensive mentorship to get started. Even if you don’t know anything about programming, there will be a roadmap to follow and mentors to help you, so don’t worry and feel free to join!



All current high school students can participate. Teams can be formed between 1-3 people.


10/30 8PM ~ 11/1 10PM. We have designed the competition to be as flexible as possible–participants can come on and offline when they need to depending on what their schedule requires.


SeoulHacks will take place online (due to concerns over Covid) using Discord. The link to the server will be sent out prior to the competition.


SeoulHacks is completely free thanks to the generous support from our sponsors!

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